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Specializing in the rail and highway markets, MPB use high performance spray applied waterproof-ing membrane systems designed to permanently protect rail and highway structures. These rapid setting high build elastomeric spray applied waterproofing systems are impervious to deicing chem-icals, water, ballast, stray current and other factors that contribute to accelerated deterioration and wear of elevated structures.

MPB spray applied waterproofing products are manufactured and certified under ISO 9001: 2008, insuring that stringent quality standards are met with each batch of product that leaves our manu-facturing facility. Quality assurance continues in the field with experienced field support from MPB. All critical aspects of the project are reviewed, inspected and recorded to insure that each applica-tion meets the standards established by MPB and the client.

MPB Specialist Coatings are applicators of Polyurea coatings. Our Polyurea coatings are a remarkable technology with a range of uses limited only by your imagination. We strive to give our customers a truly outstanding service from design to handover. Please feel free to read on to see where and how Polyurea is being used successfully around the globe. Contact us today

3 reasons to use MPB Specialist Coatings Specialist Coatings Services

Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea is a remarkable technology with a range of uses limited only by your imagination. As with any coating system, proper surface preparation, correct application equipment and the use of compatible primers is required.  Read on to see where and how polyurea are being used successfully around the globe.

Reduce your shut down time

With set times of less than 10 seconds and back to service within minutes our polyurea coatings are an easy choice when shut down time really counts

The advantages of our services

Our high build floor coatings offer properties not possible from paints and epoxy. With elongation of up to 200%, resistant to high impact and abrasion as well as offering high levels of anti-skid.

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